Summer Holiday Tasks

We hope that you enjoyed your Sixth Form induction day experience.
The aim of the day was to provide you with an understanding of:
• the subjects you have chosen
• the depth of knowledge and work ethic required to succeed in subjects differs from GCSE
• the reading list and/or any preparatory work (subject dependent) that you should complete in advance of the start of your course
• any equipment/textbook resources you will need to purchase
• the specific task(s) you are expected to be complete and hand in at the start of the Autumn term in September (subject dependent)
Electronic copies of the tasks that were discussed and set during the induction day sessions have been made available on this page for your convenience.  Please download the relevant tasks and ensure that they are completed ready for hand-in upon your return to Sixth Form in September.

If you have any questions regarding the tasks set please contact the relevant department who will be happy to provide further guidance.

Enjoy your summer break and good luck for a successful set of results on Thursday 24 August 2017.

Subject links will be live following Induction Day on Tuesday 27 June 2017

file_extension_pdf Art - Task

file_extension_pdf Biology - Task

file_extension_pdf BTEC Business Studies - Task

file_extension_pdf BTEC Science - Task

file_extension_pdf BTEC Sport - Task

file_extension_pdf BTEC IT- Task

file_extension_pdf Business Studies - Task

file_extension_pdf Chemistry - Overview

file_extension_pdf Chemistry - Text Book Information

file_extension_pdf Children's Play, Learning and Development - Task

file_extension_pdf Computer Science - Task

file_extension_pdf Computer Science - Answer Sheet

file_extension_pdf Drama - Task

file_extension_pdf Economics - Task

file_extension_pdf Engineering and Product Design - Task

file_extension_pdf English Language - Task

file_extension_pdf English Literature - Task

file_extension_pdf Food Science - Task

file_extension_pdf French - Induction

file_extension_pdf French - Learning Resources

file_extension_pdf French - Overview

file_extension_pdf French - Studying a Language at Sixth Form

file_extension_pdf French - Task

file_extension_pdf Geography - Task

file_extension_pdf German - Induction

file_extension_pdf German - Overview

file_extension_pdf German - Studying a Language at Sixth Form

file_extension_pdf German - Useful Websites

file_extension_pdf German - Textbook

file_extension_pdf Government and Politics - Task and Overview
file_extension_pdf Graphics - Task

file_extension_pdf History - Task

file_extension_pdf Law - Task

file_extension_pdf Maths and Further Maths - Diagnosis Questions

file_extension_pdf Maths and Further Maths - Test Yourself Questions

file_extension_pdf Media Studies - Overview and Task

file_extension_pdf Music - Task

file_extension_pdf PE - Task

file_extension_pdf Performing Arts and Dance - Task

file_extension_pdf Philosophy and Ethics - Task

file_extension_pdf Photography - Task

file_extension_pdf Physics - Overview and Task

file_extension_pdf Psychology - Task

file_extension_pdf Sociology - Task

file_extension_pdf Spanish - Studying a Language at Sixth Form

file_extension_pdf Spanish - Induction

file_extension_pdf Spanish - Overview

file_extension_pdf Spanish - Task

file_extension_pdf Textiles - Task

file_extension_pdf Theatre Arts - Task