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University of British Columbia Transition School 

The link to the University of British Columbia Transition School was established with the first student visits in 2007. Click here to visit the University of British Columbia's website.    

A brief introduction to our partner school  


The University of British Columbia's Transition School in Vancouver is located 10 km from downtown Vancouver and is renowned as a centre for academic excellence.   

In 2007 twenty gifted students were invited to Vancouver by the students and staff at the UBC (University of British Columbia) ‘Transition Programme’ to take part in a week of workshops on the theme of ‘Global Citizenship’ during the "The Global Citizenship Summer Institute". 

The link has continued in recent years and there have been further exchanges between UBC Transition and George Abbot. Students from UBC have made two visits to George Abbot, they took part in workshops and a variety of social and sightseeing events. George Abbot students have also been to Vancouver Island to work at the Bamfield Marine Laboratory, please see the film below. No further links or projects are planned at present but we hope that we may explore the possibility of liaising further with UBC Transition in the future.

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