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Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai 

The link to Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai, was established with the first student visits in 2007.      

It is in the Putuo district of Shanghai. It is one of eleven districts in and around Shanghai. The district consists of 146 schools serving a population one million people. Jinyuan's staff use innovative teaching methods and has links with schools all over the world. It has an excellent reputation in Shanghai and often pilots new teaching methods, it is a school with considerable influence.      

There have been a number of student exchanges and also staff exchanges between Jinyuan and George Abbot, the schools have much in common and both schools are also teaching centres for Teacher Training. Our two schools continue to work closely together. A party of Jinyuan students and staff visited George Abbot in July 2015 and a party of George Abbot students and staff will visit Jinyuan in April 2016.

Shanghai Video Link - Click here

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This video is George Abbot School's link with Jinyuan High School in Shanghai. Made to celebrate the Surrey - Putuo educational partnership. - Click here