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To enable us to run an excellent careers service George Abbot School relies heavily on the generous support of parents and employers.

In the past, volunteers have participated in lunchtime and evening career talks, interview day and offering work experience placements.

If you feel you could help us out in any way please feel free to contact:

Mrs Helen Rose
Information Centre Manager

Mrs Jacqui Sellers
Head of PSE

Year 10 Interview Day

Around 35 local employers and parents come in to give each of our Year 10 students an interview as a potential employee would. All students are thoroughly prepared for this through their PSE lessons and apply for one of 20 fictional jobs. After each interview the students are given feedback on their paperwork and how they performed.

Careers Talks

We are always keen to hear from potential speakers who would be happy to talk to our students about their career; how they got into it, how they spend their day and promotion prospects.

Previous speakers have included: an anaesthetist, a hair-dresser, an apprentice aeronautical engineer, an accountant, a radiotherapist and many more.


Here at George Abbot School Y12 students undertake work experience concentrating on the career they are interested in pursuing.

Work experience can be described as a placement at an employer’s premises in which a student carries out a range of tasks and duties more or less as would an employee. For many young people this is the most significant contact with the world of work that they have before entering employment. The benefits include:

•  Increased self-confidence, motivation and maturity
•  Increased understanding of the world of work, curriculum relevance and future career opportunities
•  Enhancement of the employability skills addressed during PSE lessons
•  An insight into ‘work ethic’
•  The placement can be included on future CVs, college and university applications.