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Hi, welcome to George Abbot Green Comms.


Green Comms. is a student run environment a communications group that aims to encourage students to learn about climate change, and other pressing social issues.

ISSUE 1: The climate emergency:
What is happening?
How can you help? (Ecosia, less waste, stop fast
fashion, green transport, raise your voice, eco club

Youth Politics lecture

Notes and links to LSE lectures

What is happening to our planet, and how can we

What is happening with the refugee crisis?

What is happening in UK politics?

What is the U.N.? What do they do, and why are they

What is happening in international politics?

What is international development? Why does it

Poverty and social immobility in the UK

Feminism: why we still have a long way to go

Equality: progress and regression

English Literature: Books you should read, and
advice for the course

Does Fair Trade make a difference? (see Edinburgh
university podcast)

Reunification of East and West: 20 years on form
the fall of the Berlin Wall
(history students competition)

Development economics: how can we solve global
(economics student competition)

How can we tackle the issue global food waste?

How can we help homeless people in the UK?

Extinction Rebellion interview with Jack Harries
(See 5×15 podcast)

Food and Politics: Yotam Ottolenghi interview (See
5×15 podcast)

A short history of Middle east conflict & Sustainable
peace in Afghanistan (See LSE podcast)

Capitalism and the climate emergency
(soas podcast) (economist Global warning:The UN
sounds the alarm on climate change)(UN news
tackling climate cage ‘more crucial even than
disarment’) (Naomi Klein statement)

What is democracy? (Bath lecture & links to
politically free website)

On Greta Thunberg (see Guardian’s Greta Thunberg
school strike podcast)

What is NATO? What role does the government have
in international peacekeeping?

The importance of social policy