graduation overview

4 Dec 2017 Graduation - 512 x 250

Students work extremely hard to earn their right to graduate from the Sixth Form at George Abbot. Graduation occurs in September every year at a local venue in Guildford.

the graduation process

  • The academic core is obtained by means of the award itself. Certificates will eventually be included* from the examination boards which give the results of their Advanced Level programme in grades. 


  • Slips containing the results from the examination boards will be acceptable for autumn graduation purposes until the final certificates arrive in November following the examinations themselves.


  • The  Core Skills Award is made up of a series of comments from each Core Skills teacher and a level of assessment. Level 3 is the equivalent of Advanced Level Study and it is envisaged that students will qualify by obtaining at least two of their Core Skills at Level 3. The Core Skills portfolio should contain these series of reports and may include some evidence in the folder itself. 
  • Citizenship is made up of either or both school and community based activities (service to others) amounting to at least 45 hours of activity. A further element of Individual Achievement (service to the self) must also be completed amounting to no less than 30 hours. A verification card is completed by the student and verified by a member of staff or person qualified to validate the activity. 


  • Students must complete a report on their activity for both parts of the Citizenship Award and this will be overseen by the tutor after the modular/AS examination period in June/July of Year 12. 


  • It may be possible for some individuals to achieve a Citizenship with Distinction where the service to others exceeds a threshold number hours or where a student has made an exceptional commitment to this part of his/her citizenship award. (presently under consideration by Sixth Form team)


  • Work Related Learning was undertaken in February of Year 12. A employee record and the student’s appraisal of their experience. 
  • The Student Profile makes up the final part of the Graduation Portfolio and is a final statement put together by the student in stages but completed at the end of the Spring Term of Year 13. The first draft is likely to be a copy of the personal statement that all Year 12 students complete in July with their tutors.