Induction Day

Every year in the Summer Term we hold an induction day for students who are going to start with us in September. This day is really important to provide students with an understanding of how to make a successful transition from GCSE to A level study.

The aims of the day are as follows:

•  Give an introduction to the subjects you have chosen.
•  Introduce you to how the depth of knowledge and work ethic required to succeed in subjects differs from GCSE study.
•  Outline any equipment/textbook resources you may need to purchase for your courses.
•  Give you reading lists and preparatory work that you should completed in advance of the start of your course.

Electronic copies of the transition work that was discussed and set during the induction day sessions have been made available on this page for your convenience. Please download the relevant tasks and ensure that they are completed ready for hand-in upon your return to Sixth Form in September.

If you have any questions regarding the tasks set please contact the relevant department who will be happy to provide further guidance.

The induction day for students wishing to join the Sixth Form in September 2020 is TBC

Student Guide to Vocational Qualifications