Medication in school
Medication in School

Medicines should only be administered at school when it would be detrimental to a child’s health or school attendance not to do so.  Parents are therefore requested to try and arrange the timing of doses accordingly.


The school does not provide any painkillers. Should a child need painkillers it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide the school’s Medical Room with the required medication, named, in its original packaging and complete and sign Form 3A: ‘Parental agreement for school/setting to administer medicine’. A log book is kept in the Medical Room of the student’s name, the time and reason for administering the medication. A child under 16 should never be given medicine containing aspirin unless prescribed by a doctor.

If it is necessary for your child to carry their medication around with them then Form 7: ‘Request for child to carry his/her own medicine’ should be completed by the parents/guardians and will be filed in the Medical Room. However, this should be avoided, if possible.


It is the responsibility of the parent to provide replacement medication when they expire so please make a note of the expiry dates of all medication handed to the Medical Room/carried by your child (including adrenaline auto-injectors and asthma inhalers) so you can provide replacements.  Please ensure they have medications have a good shelf life.  We are unable to accept any over the counter medication unless they are in the original box, with the expiry date clearly visible.  Prescription medication must be in the original box with your child’s name printed on the pharmacy dispensing label.

Foreign/International medication cannot be accepted and should be re-prescribed by the family GP.

Any expired medication, or medication no longer required, will be returned to the parent/guardian, via the student, to arrange for safe disposal.

We also require spare medication to be kept in the Medical Room for the following conditions:-

Adrenaline Auto-injectors/EpiPen/Jexts and allergy medication

Please provide two spare adrenaline auto-injectors and any anti-histamine/Prednisolone medication which will be stored in the Medical Room. We will supply your child with a clear wallet to store their pens/medication which should be carried in their school bag at all times. These wallets are initially supplied free of charge.  Should any additional wallets be required, following loss or damage, they will be charged at £3.00 each.  Please take a note of the expiry dates and send in replacements when they are due to expire.


Please provide spare supplies e.g. Glucogel, Dextrose tablets, a few biscuits and a sugary drink i.e., cartons of fruit juice in a small named plastic box to use in case of a low blood sugar. You may also include spare testing sticks and any other equipment you feel necessary if you wish. We also have a separate refrigerator where you can keep spare insulin at the correct temperature, if required.


Please provide two spare inhalers with your child’s name on clearly visible.  Even if their Asthma is mild, this IS still a requirement.  One is to be kept with the child at all times, and the other will be kept in the Medical Room. 

Painkillers for migraine/headaches

We DO NOT provide Paracetamol etc. and are not authorised to give any to your child.  If they do suffer from migraines, headaches or other conditions that you feel may needs ad hoc pain relief, please supply a new box of prescribed or over the counter medication with their name on, clearly marking the dosage for your child. We will not accept any product containing Aspirin for any child under 16, unless prescribed by a doctor.