most able programme


mrs ewa cave

most able co-ordinator

At George Abbot we aim to ensure that our most able students receive learning opportunities that allow them to fulfil their potential and excel in their specialist areas as well as other aspects of the curriculum.     

Alongside enrichment work in lessons, we offer the most able students subject specific Master Classes, clubs during lunch time or after school and many extra-curricular activities which take place outside school hours. Most able students receive a half termly bulletin and regular information about competitions and events which they can participate in or attend independently. Mentoring and competition encourages effort and determination so that all most able students, even those in adverse circumstances achieve their personal best.     

Many of our students are proud to wear an Honours Tie, awarded in recognition of the honour they have brought to the school for their outstanding achievements at county or national level.     

George Abbot School strives to provide a nurturing and fertile environment where students are excited by learning and achieve beyond expectation. 


At George Abbot Academy we use a combination of strategies to identify most able students. The methods employed are as follows:

• Information from Primary Schools
• Internal and external assessments and testing
• Specific criteria developed by subjects or their professional associations
• Teacher assessment through specific check lists
• External agencies, e.g. sports clubs, music organisations and drama groups

Criteria for identification are as follows:

The Main Register
• The top 5% of MIDYIS scores in the year group
• The top Key Stage 2  results (if available)
• Four or more teacher nominations

The Extended Register
      a) Pupils with any subject specific nominations

honours tie

‘Honours Ties’ and ‘Honours Certificates’ are awarded to students at George Abbot School for outstanding achievement. This may be in any area: sporting, academic, leadership, service etc. Students may self-nominate or be nominated by others.

Honours Ties are awarded to students who bring honour over a period of time (months / years) and participate regularly in their chosen field.

Honours Certificates are awarded to students who bring Honour through a specific competition or event or one off activity.

file_extension_pdf Honours Tie/Certificate Nomination Form

file_extension_pdf Honours Tie Update Form

Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

Please see below a selection of recent Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities.

file_extension_pdf Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

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