Kevin the Kleaning K9

We were thrilled to have ‘Kevin’ the NESA Robotics UVD Robot to school this week. Please see the photos below and video (left) of  Kevin working his magic around school.

This is thanks to the innovative design and technological skill of NESA Robotics. The robot (and NESA team) came everyday after school to use the ultraviolet disinfectant (UV-C) light to disinfect surfaces, as well as the air, creating a safe environment for our students and staff. The UV-C light can kill coronavirus within six seconds of exposure!

Originally built to address hospital-acquired infections, it has recently been used in London Heathrow airport terminals to kill coronavirus and encourage passengers to return to air travel.

The robot disinfects surfaces, as well as the air, creating a “safe environment” for those operating in workplaces, healthcare facilities, airports, hotels and, in our case, schools.

Due to the current government guidelines, NESA Robotics are now supporting more schools and colleges with a COVID-19 rapid response service should there be an outbreak.

To find out more, please visit NESA Robotics UVD Robots website at: or email

With a big thank you to NESA Robotics UVD Robots for supplying ‘Kevin’ to George Abbot this week.