George Abbot 70 tn
George Abbot undertakes regular self-evaluation in order that quality is assured and improvement is part of our fibre. This evaluation relies on a combination of both internal and external judgements


George Abbot was last inspected by OfSTED in 2006 receiving its second Outstanding judgement. The highlights of the report are listed below.

www_page 2006 Ofsted Inspection Report

file_extension_pdf Ofsted Interim Assessment 2010


Kirkland Rowell

Every 3 years the school undertakes, voluntarily, a review process across three areas - Parents, Students and Staff - which is formulated and validated by GL Performance. The results of this survey are benchmarked across similar schools in the UK and hence relative performance can be investigated. Outcomes of these surveys often go on to help form the following year's School Development Plan.


Department of Education

Every year the Department of Education publishes data about the school as part of their quality assurance process. In the main these are headline figures with regard to academic performance but also include details regarding Finance and Staffing.


www_page 2017 Performance Table and DfE School Comparison Tool


Internal Evaluation

Each Head of Faulty and Head of Year is asked to complete an annual evaluation across a number of key measures. These reviews are then discussed with the Headteacher and form the basis of a development plan for the following year. Over the past two years every faculty has also undergone a review week with lesson observations, key data and student voice being the key outcomes.


As part of our Performance Management process every teacher undergoes observations throughout the year and receives support in Continuing Professional Development to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to teach at an outstanding level.

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