George Abbot Opportunities Fund

Registered Charity No. 1043545

The Opportunities Fund has been established to enable parents/carers to make regular voluntary contributions to the school. George Abbot provides an outstanding and free education and we want to continue to provide all those extra opportunities which help make our school exceptional – despite the challenging funding climate. The Opportunities Fund will support all of our students in reaching their full potential, exceeding expectations and enjoying a broad and high quality learning experience at our school. We will be pleased to accept any levels of contribution either monthly or annually. As a guide, we are suggesting a voluntary contribution of ten pounds (£10) per month although please note that any decision to contribute is entirely yours and is at your discretion.

If you would like to make a regular contribution by Standing Order please email for details. Alternatively one off contributions to the fund can be done through WisePay – Donations. Click HERE

We hope that you will give consideration to contributing; state education has never been under such financial pressure.