sixth form

Sixth Form

During sixth form, George Abbot students receive a wealth of information on higher education and careers opportunities.

Throughout Year 12 they have feature lectures which can include amongst other things lectures on: studying abroad, alternatives to higher education, working abroad, gap years, CV writing, UCAS and work experience.

During July of Year 12 they will participate in higher education days which include a visit to a university, the UCAS application process and alternatives to full time study.
An important part of Year 12 is their work experience week. All students find their own placement in a career sector that interests them.

Once in Year 13 students continue to research their next step and attend visits and interviews for universities, colleges, apprenticeships or work.

At any time sixth form students can request an interview and help from Careers Management Consultants (external and impartial careers advisors), or from George Abbot’s own higher education advisors and careers team.