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The Voice School Trust

We are pleased to announce a new development in our link with Tanzania. 
Daniel Mpanduzi, who has worked closely with us since 2010 has set up a new school THE VOICE SCHOOL TRUST. The Trust aims to promote a modern education and equal opportunities for all members of society. This includes promoting the cause of albino students who often face considerable hardship in Tanzania.
This is a new venture and the school, which is now fully registered has been commended by local authorities. Whilst we hope that THE VOICE SCHOOL TRUST will be self funding eventually, initially the trust is seeking support to develop its infrastructure.
We have been pleased to receive support from our local MP Anne Milton who has supported this cause and a question has been raised in the European Parliament.
Following Mr Moloney's successful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro to support a visit from students and staff at the trust we hosted them at George Abbot in September - October 2013. They sang with the school choir, took part in a wide range of lessons, met local MP for Guildford Anne Milton and also visited The House of Commons. The students from The Voice School were excellent ambassadors for their school and students and staff very much enjoyed hosting them. There have been further UK and Tanzanian staff exchanges  in 2014 and 2015 and a party of students and staff visited Tanzania in July 2016.

July 2016 Tanzania Trip

Our students had a wonderful trip to Tanzania, both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and Adventure Life signs, who took overall responsibility for arrangements, said that it had been a 'privilege' to take George Abbot to The Voice School.

This being our second trip with Adventure Life signs, they were there to support us with wonderful staff and help facilitate our itinerary. This was a very special opportunity and we know of no other school which has been able to link in this way, as two partner schools.

George Abbot students worked together with students at The Voice School, to dig foundations for a new set of classrooms. The active project work together at the outset encouraged students to mix and this they managed to do with impressive ease, some firm friendships were established. The students also shared lessons and activities. The students also did a three day climb up Little Meru, and went on a Safari.

However the opportunity for George Abbot's liaison with staff and students at The Voice was a unique experience. It taught the students from both schools about the value of new perspectives and also taught them a great deal about themselves! This was the result of the very special bond between our schools.

The summer visit culminated in a Sports Day which included a football match (filmed and later broadcast by a local TV station) netball competitions, singing, races and also a few unusual competitions such as 'Chase the Chicken' in which I understand that despite their best efforts, our staff and student teams suffered spectacular defeat by the Tanzanians!

Enjoy the attached PowerPoint and video of the wonderful expedition.

If you are interested in the next school visit to Arusha, Tanzania in July 2018, please email:

To view the You Tube film of the Summer 2016 Trip, please click HERE.

CLICK HERE to see The Voice School in 2013
The Voice School Director Daniel Mpanduzi talks in 2015 about the establishment of the school and his vision for the future.

When The Voice School, Tanzania visited George Abbot in 2013 this is the music that they shared.

Drama project Summer 2014 in Tanzania.