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'George Abbot confirmed its position as one of the best schools in the country' - Dept. for Education Feb 2016
 'Teachers have very good subject knowledge and plan exceptionally well'  OFSTED
Whole school production of 'We Will Rock You' - outstanding performance 
'Pupils feel very safe in the school and have an excellent understanding of healthy-living issues' OFSTED
'The school strives for excellence, benefiting from its openness and self-critical approach'   OFSTED
'George Abbot is an outstanding school that gives excellent value for money'  OFSTED
 'Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding'  OFSTED

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Lisa Handy, project manager at Coram Life Education, the leading provider of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education in primary schools across the country, offers her expert advice on how to talk to young children about sex and relationships.

Parent Zone’s Yusuf Tamanna looks at five video games your child might ask for, the PEGI rating they have, and what this means.

Christmas games for children

Maryon Stewart, founder of the Angelus Foundation (now Mentor UK), offers her expert advice on how to talk to your child about legal and illegal substances that may alter their mood or behaviour

What exactly is your child signing up for when they tick that little box to use an online service? By Parent Zone.

We’ve heard a lot about fake news recently but what is it? Nicky Cox, editor in chief of First News, offers advice for parents.

It’s important that children and teenagers feel able to talk to and relate to people as they grow up, so they can share experiences, develop their confidence and know that they’re not alone, but this can be particularly difficult for LGBTQ+ children and young people. Here, we look at some ways they can interact with their peers safely. By Parent Zone’s Yusuf Tamanna.


Ten tips for talking to teachers if your child is being picked on at school.

The internet is a public and open place, one where anybody can post and share content. This is all part of the fun, but what happens if your child sees something they shouldn't? CEOP offers advice.

keeping children safe online

Autumn Term Highlights

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Adverse Weather

Adverse Weather Procedures Should weather conditions become dangerous for our school...

County Cup Winners

Recently George Abbot Year 8 football team travelled to Sutton United FC to play the...

Manufacturing Challenge Win

George Abbot Students win 2017 McLaren Manufacturing Challenge.


We send emails to parents and guardians on a Wednesday. These messages can either be...

Platinum Mark

The Science Department has been awarded the Platinum Science Mark for their outstand...