Mission Statement: Academic excellence within a strong community of equality and respect, where potential and opportunity are realised.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” 

Martin Luther King Jr 

“Learning happens when people have to think hard” 

Rob Coe 

Curriculum Rationale

Through our curriculum, we aim to deliver a broad and balanced educational experience; and we believe depth is equally important to enable the levels of understanding and knowledge that epitomise an excellent education. It is our long-held view that education must challenge young people to think, analyse, evaluate and create. George Abbot School students, typically, join the school at the end of KS2 with average point scores higher than those nationally. With this context in mind, our curriculum has the following characteristics:

  • At KS3, students study a core academic curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (Geography and History), ICT, RE and a Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish).
  • In addition to this, all students access PE, PSE, Visual & Performing Arts (including Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, Dance, Drama and Music) and Technology (including Product Design and Food & Nutrition).
  • Students select their language choice prior to arriving in Year 7. There is a choice of three languages at KS3.
  • 40 period timetable over two weeks.
  • 75 minute long lessons, with some double lessons at GCSE and A Level.
    Students complete up to 11 GCSEs (See Curriculum booklet below for more details).
  • 2-year KS4 – 4 option choices to retain breadth and depth of learning and allows an element of personalisation.
  • Career-oriented subject options at KS4 including, Hair and Beauty, Child Development, Construction, Cambridge National Sports Studies.
  • Career-oriented subject options at KS5 including BTECs in Science, Business, Sport and an A-Level in Child Development.
  • An A-Level offer of 38 subjects in addition.
  • At KS5 students retain the ability to study and sit exams in 4 A-Levels.
  • A strong enrichment programme at KS5 including the option to study EPQ, critical thinking, Sports Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA), programmes of peer tutoring and peer mentoring.

To find out more about the Curriculum our school follows, please email office@georgeabbot.surrey.sch.uk

KS5 Option Choices

In this section you can access our Sixth Form Prospectus which gives you an overview of the aims and ethos of our Sixth Form community and how our curriculum works. You can also access our Subject Guide which will give you detailed information on each individual subject that we offer to ensure you select the right courses for you.



Inter Faith Week

Students in Years 7-9 have been taking part in a virtual Inter Faith Week during their RE lessons.

Students had the opportunity to hear from local speakers about their beliefs and values and to hear speakers representing different faith communities and beliefs. They discussed some big questions such as, how do you know what you believe is true? What impact has COVID-19 had on your community? Is war ever right? What does your religion/belief teach about gender? We also spoke about diversity within traditions and how others might answer the same question differently.

In addition, we ran a live virtual Q&A session with these speakers for a group of students in Year 9. These students had the opportunity to ask the speakers some of their own brilliant and thoughtful questions.

We have been so impressed at the way the students have engaged with the discussions in RE lessons this week and the feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are incredibly grateful to the Surrey Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACRE) and all the speakers for their time in making the videos and for taking part in the live session too!

Black History Month

Students and staff supported Black History Month in October. The theme for this year was ‘Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger’.

Lessons explored the lives and works of artists, scientists, writers, singers and playwrights, amongst others, to develop our community’s awareness and knowledge of black history in Britain.

Students also received an assembly from the History Department on the Bristol Bus Boycotts; a poignant reminder of the civil rights battles that were fought in this country.

Additionally, Mrs Rose our Information Centre Manager,  produced a fabulous display of books and information in The Gallery. The display includes information on key moments in Black British History, Movers and Shakers in society, Poets and Writers and Global icons. See images below.