To enable us to run an excellent careers service George Abbot School relies heavily on the generous support of parents and employers. In the past, volunteers have participated in lunchtime and evening career talks, interview day and offering work experience placements.

Annually, the careers department at George Abbot School run a work experience programme, an interview day and various careers events. We therefore welcome employers, employees and companies’ who would be happy to engage with these activities.

Equally, we are happy to promote to students any apprenticeship or work opportunities your company may offer.

If you would like to contact us, please do so via


Around 35 local employers and parents come in to give each of our Year 10 students an interview as a potential employee would. All students are thoroughly prepared for this through their PSE lessons and apply for one of 20 fictional jobs. After each interview the students are given feedback on their paperwork and how they performed.


We are always keen to hear from potential speakers who would be happy to talk to our students about their career; how they got into it, how they spend their day and promotion prospects. Previous speakers have included: an anaesthetist, a hair-dresser, an apprentice aeronautical engineer, an accountant, a radiotherapist and many more.


Here at George Abbot School Year 12 students undertake work experience concentrating on the career they are interested in pursuing. For many young people this is the most significant contact with the world of work that they have before entering employment. The benefits include:

  • Increased self-confidence, motivation and maturity
  • Increased understanding of the world of work, curriculum relevance and future career opportunities
  • Enhancement of the employability skills addressed during PSE lessons
  • An insight into ‘work ethic’
  • The placement can be included on future CVs, college and university applications

Do please get in touch if you feel able to support our work in support of preparing our students for the world of work in the 21stCentury.

International Partnerships

We believe that by having a wider international community, our students will be better placed to become Global Citizens of our modern world. We also passionately believe in the importance of learning one or more foreign languages in today’s society and we are recognised for our strength in Modern Foreign Languages. This is a testament to our dedication and enthusiasm for the wider world.

The Voice School

We are proud to have developed a student exchange programme and rich cultural partnership with The Voice School, in Tanzania. The Voice School Trust is ably led by Daniel Mpanduzi and aims to promote a modern education and equal opportunities for all members of society. This includes promoting the cause of albino students who often face considerable hardship in Tanzania. George Abbot students have been involved in three visits to the school in Tanzania and The Voice School students have visited us in Guildford in return. The opportunities available to our students through such links are very important to the breadth and depth of education we offer our students at George Abbot who we hope will develop a true sense of their potential in our world.

Partnership in China and Canada

We also have links with Jinyuan Senior High School in the Putuo district of Shanghai and with the Vancouver School Board in partnership with The University of British Columbia who run a programme for gifted and talented maths and science students.

Jinyuan Senior High School is one of eleven recently modernized boarding schools in Shanghai. It is in the Putuo district of Shanghai, which is one of eleven districts in and around Shanghai. The district consists of 146 schools serving a population of one million people. The total population in Shanghai is eighteen million!

A school was originally built on this site in 1904 and was known as the Hua Tong Public School, but has been renamed and modernised in recent years. The stated aim of the school is ‘Optional Education, Overall Learning, Outstanding Development’

George Abbot’s link with the Vancouver at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Transition School for Gifted and Talented maths and science students was established in 2007. Since this date there have been two student visits to Vancouver and George Abbot has hosted two visits from UBC students to the UK.

No further links or projects are planned at present but we hope that we may explore the possibility of liaising further with UBC Transition in the future