At George Abbot, we are committed to continuous learning and undertake regular self-evaluation in order that quality is assured and improvement is part of our fibre. This evaluation relies on a combination of both internal and external judgements


George Abbot was last inspected by OfSTED in 2006 receiving its second Outstanding judgement. The highlights of the report are listed below.

2006 Ofsted Inspection Report

Ofsted Interim Assessment 2010



Every year the Department of Education publishes data about the school as part of their quality assurance process. In the main these are headline figures with regard to academic performance but also include details regarding Finance and Staffing.

 2018 Performance Table and DfE School Comparison Tool


At George Abbot, we run a process of Reflection and Review which encompasses lesson observations, learning walks, work scrutiny, homework scrutiny and student voice. Heads of Department and Senior Leaders regularly discuss what they have learnt about the quality of learning across subject areas. Department Plans are implemented to drive forward continuous improvement. Student progress is reviewed formally and regularly by teachers, Heads of Departments and Senior Leaders and interventions are implemented to enable accelerated student progress where necessary. Staff are supported with high quality continuous professional development to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and research driven practice to teach at an outstanding level.