Teaching and Learning at George Abbot

It is our aim that learning permeates all that we do. We are proactive in ensuring that George Abbot students are enabled to be successful and lifelong learners. We have 10 steps – known as ‘The GA Student 10′ – to help support our students to learn successfully. These steps are referenced in both form and lesson time in order for students to absorb their meaning and manage their learning responsibly.

GA Student 10

  1. Develop your subject knowledge
  2. Understand what helps you to learn best
  3. Use time wisely
  4. Manage your own behaviour
  5. Self and peer assess your work
  6. Learn to work both independently and with others
  7. Think of new and different ways to absorb and retain information
  8. Complete homework to develop your knowledge
  9. Ask and answer questions, regularly
  10. Know which skills are needed to complete different tasks

George Abbot staff also reference a framework of research-based pedagogy to plan and deliver effective lessons. We hold great value in developing our teaching expertise such that a bespoke programme of professional development is accessed by all of our teaching body. This means that your child is in receipt of highly skilled teaching which is informed by current theory and practice.

Home Learning

At George Abbot we believe homework helps to facilitate student progress. Studies suggest homework can add between two and eight months progress to a student’s learning (Education Endowment Foundation).

Homework is set for students in each year group. We expect the volume to increase as they move through the school.

Teachers will choose when it is most beneficial to learning to set homework in the week. Research shows this allows homework to have greater impact on learning. Where possible, teachers will try to give students 5-7 days to complete tasks.

Students can access the gallery and Upper School Info Centre (USIC) to make use of the facilities available. These venues are supervised. Hours as follows:

  • Gallery is open from 8.00am – 8.30am, break time and lunch time.
  • USIC is open 8.00am – 5.00pm with homework club for all students based there from 3.15pm.

We use Show My Homework (SMHW) to record and communicate homework. Students and parents/carers are able to download the SMHW app or follow the link on our Student Hub to facilitate easy access to allocated homework tasks.

Homework Timetable 2020 – 21

Honours Tie/Honours Certificate

‘Honours Ties’ and ‘Honours Certificates’ are awarded to students at George Abbot School for outstanding achievement. This may be in any area: sporting, academic, leadership, service etc. Students must complete the details on the form, and may self-nominate or be nominated by others. Nominations can be made for students in Year 8 or above. For further information and the nomination form, please click here.

Most Able Provision

For information on the provision and strategies for the most able students at George Abbot please see the two documents below.

Most Able Provision
Most Able Strategies

Interested, Motivated and Able in the Guildford area (IMAG)

The Guildford 11-19 Partnership are seeking to provide more opportunities for the Interested, Motivated and Able in the Guildford area (IMAG) to take the initiative and engage with programmes and events to enhance their education. Please click here for further information.