We pride ourselves on the strength of our pastoral care in support of every young person. Students join mixed tutor groups, each with a broad range of ability, on arrival in Year 7. The primary role of the form tutor is to build positive relationships and a sense of belonging and they are the first point of contact for students’ welfare and progress. They promote leadership and enrichment opportunities and focus on developing responsibility, respect and resilience in students.

The school’s team of Pastoral Leads oversee the academic and pastoral progress of every student and offer additional leadership and advice to Form Tutors. To support our youngest students, there is a dedicated Transition Manager who leads the Year 7 pastoral team. Each year group also has their own non-teaching Head of Year who has responsibility for the pastoral care, welfare and safety of the whole year group. Students with more complex pastoral needs are additionally supported by our Youth Workers, Counsellor or Home School Link Worker through a range of 1:1 or group sessions.

Challenged and Supported

Year 7

Transition Manager – Mrs P Jenkins

Head of Year – Mrs A Firth

10 Form Tutors

Year 8

Inclusion Lead – Mr L Marker

Head of Year – Mrs H Finnis

10 Form Tutors

Year 9

Inclusion Lead – Miss J Northcote

Head of Year – Mrs A Tilley

10 Form Tutors

Year 10

Inclusion Lead – Ms W Nightingale

Head of Year – Mrs A Morgan

10 Form Tutors

Year 11

Inclusion Lead – Mr J Huelin

Head of Year – Miss R Murphy

10 Form Tutors

Behaviour for Learning

A happy and successful school is one in which good order prevails. At George Abbot School, we insist on high standards of conduct, behaviour and appearance and strive to achieve this through strong partnership with parents/carers and highly positive relationships between staff and students. All staff at George Abbot School take an active role in promoting positive behaviour for learning and relationships.

George Abbot School Behaviour Policy is based on three key expectations; that students should be ready, respectful and safe.


  • Correct uniform
  • Correct equipment
  • Prepared to listen and contribute in lessons



  • Showing respect for all in our community
  • Good manners and interpersonal skills
  • Consideration for others
  • Speaking and behaving appropriately
  • Ensuring learning is not disrupted through personal actions
  • Respecting the school site and others’ possessions


  • Moving calmly and quietly around the building
  • Possessing only those items not prohibited
  • Behaving non-aggressively and non-confrontationally
  • Ensuring the safety of others is not compromised

At all stages of the behaviour management system, students will have the opportunity for restorative actions. The school will intervene at an early stage if it can see a potential behaviour pattern being established and we will endeavour to seek the support of the young person’s parents/carers at this time. Students are rigorously supported by a layered pastoral system whereby their Tutor, Head of Year and Inclusion Manager will offer differing levels of support depending on need and situation.

Home – School Agreement for George Abbot School

To view the Home – School Agreement – Please click here.

First Aid

George Abbot School does not have a Medical Practitioner or nurse on site. We have a dedicated First Aid & Secretarial Administrator, Mrs Hutson, located in the Medical Room in Raynham Office, who is First Aid trained. In addition to this, there are also a number of First Aid trained staff across the site, particularly in Faculties with practical subjects.

Home School Link Worker (HSLW)

At George Abbot, the role of the HSLW is to:

  • Support parents/carers, families and students on a wide range of issues;
  • Help children and families increase school attendance and punctuality;
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships and act as a link between the home and school.

The HSLW role is tailored to support the needs of your family and circumstances. We can help in many ways including:

  • Enabling parents/carers and children to discuss concerns or worries in a secure and safe environment, with a flexible and open-minded approach;
  • Support and guidance to students in times of change and stress, such as parental separation or bereavement;
  • Help students struggling with lack of confidence or low self esteem, are withdrawn or anxious;
  • Assisting parents/carers whose children are reluctant to attend school or have been excluded;
  • Offering parent/carer guidance and support on a wide range of issues or difficulties impacting on their family life e.g. illness, domestic violence, disability, financial difficulties, experiencing difficulties with child’s behaviour;
  • Undertake home visits to support families/children;
  • Work closely with other agencies and help families to access other services, resources and local community information to meet their needs;
  • Offering support in school meetings and appointments;
  • Help to fill out forms such as Free School Meals (FSM), Early Help Support.

Contact details:

Our George Abbot HSLWs are Joanna Tutty, Rachel Neu and Emily Young. Please contact reception on 01483 888000 and ask to speak with a Home School Link Worker.

Alternatively, please email: