As a parent/carer you are automatically a member of the George Abbot PTA – as are all members of school staff. There is a very small post-covid team of about 3 closely involved with management and event organisation and a further 20 who are on the list of volunteers. This is a significant shrinkage and we are hoping to now get it up and running again. All help is very much appreciated.

The aim of the PTA is to draw on the skill and expertise of the parents to support the school and enhance school life. The PTA raises money to buy extras, such as new tennis and badminton rackets, recycling bins and water fountains; it provides help at events, such as the Spring Concert, and it arranges social events for parents and teachers such as the Christmas Fair. Annually the PTA raises between £5,000 – £20,000.

PTA Charity Number 1124156

Some of the most recent items purchased include

  • 30 Tennis Rackets, 30 Badminton Rackets, Portable Volleyball Net, Hockey Goal keeper kit and 8 Netball Dresses for the PE department
  • 60 Aprons for Design Tech department
  • Wall mirrors and white Board for the new Dance Studio
  • 2 Portable projectors with accessories for Performing Arts
  • Chimes for Music Department
  • 2 A1 Guillotines, 60 Aprons, 60 Watercolour Palettes and camera for the Art department
  • Chairs for the library
  • 120 Classroom Chairs, 10 Recycling Bins and 5 Water fountains for the school

If this is what we can accomplish with a very small team and during the last 3 years of COVID, think what we can now again accomplish in full force with your support!

It’s great to know we can make this very practical impact for our children, and support the school in providing the very best education and opportunities. We are planning to announce soon what we will be focusing on for fundraising for the rest of the year, and are liaising with school to make sure the money is used in the best way.

We are so excited for the coming year, and plan to help a lot with the Sustainability effort. We had an amazing Christmas Fair, and will make it an even bigger one this year.

To enable us to continue, we urgently need a Secretary to join our team, to help with meetings and a Social Co-ordinator to help with organising our Social events. These are small roles and will not require more than a couple of hours a month. You will make a big impact and allow us to provide even more to the school. At the moment the PTA is run basically on minimum, and we continue to have a presence at school events with catering, but would like to do more and provide more entertainment and social opportunities for the students and parents.

For the second-hand uniform, the PTA has set up a new process in conjunction with the school. We have moved our uniform to a fixed bigger space just behind Elmslie Reception, allowing parents to come in, and view what items they would like to buy. We will have fixed second-hand uniform sales on the last day of every half term, for an hour from when school closes on that specific day. We will have a card machine on hand, and students can also come themselves and buy the items. If there are any questions with regards to finance, please do contact us to see how we can help.

PTA Meetings

Communication happens on our local WhatsApp group, and biweekly parent/staff newsletters.

Contact us

To contact the PTA please email as follows:

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We NEED you! Roles available:

  • Secretary (maximum a few hours a month)
  • Social coordinator (maximum a few hours a month)
  • Stall coordinator (a few hours twice a year)
  • Sourcing (a few hours once every 2 months)
  • Volunteering for refreshment sales (adhoc)
  • Volunteering to help sell uniform (6 times a year for an hour)
  • Volunteering to help sort and clean uniform (adhoc)
  • Volunteering to run Class List
  • Volunteering to run specific fundraising projects (a few hours for a month)


Getting Involved

Three things you can do to keep George Abbot’s PTA thriving and financially successful:

The PTA – How you can help:

  • Buy your Sainsbury’s shopping through our gift card scheme (if you shop there).
  • Easyfundraising.
  • Offer to help at events.
  • Join the PTA committee and come to meetings.


Try any of your favourite retailers – Amazon, John Lewis, Debenhams, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, M&S, Boots, Next –  they are all part of Easyfundraising. There are nearly 3000 retailers.

Shop via Easyfundraising – use this link to help support George Abbot School and benefit students learning experience. 

You can also download a toolbar (for Google Chrome) which automatically reminds you when a donation is available. Once you have done this you shop as normal through the retailer’s site and a reminder will pop up to let you know that a donation is available.

If you are not able to download the toolbar, when you plan to do some internet shopping, go on to the Easyfundraising site and access your chosen retailer from there. That way you won’t miss any donation that is available.

Please don’t put this aside as too much trouble, it really is so easy and you will even receive emails showing how much money you have raised for the school.

You can also refer your friends and family and earn an extra £5 for the school.

If we used Easyfundraising to its full potential, with all parents directing their purchases via the Easyfundraising website, the PTA could earn thousands of pounds for our school every year. Please register and help to make a difference.

Sainsbury’s Scheme

Did you know if only 250 families spent just £250 a month on shopping using the Sainsbury’s Shopping Scheme, the school could raise £30,000 per year?


It could not be easier. Do your shopping as usual and pay with your gift card, which is topped up every month by direct debit. Sainsbury’s will give a donation, equivalent to 5% of your spend, straight to the school. You will not pay any extra for your shopping and the school benefits every time you spend.

Join Now

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Shop on AmazonSmile, and Amazon donates to George Abbot Parent Teacher Association at no extra cost to you.