Students at George Abbot are amongst the top performers both locally and nationally in terms of exam results



Every August students flock to school on consecutive Thursdays to receive their much-anticipated GCSE and A Level results.

Staff are on hand throughout both days to deal with any issues and also to advise on next steps whether it be contacting a University or deciding on which A-Levels to take.

Exam Results 2017 (All Key Stages)


• Progress 8 score: +0.44
• Attainment 8 score: +56.8
• Percentage achieving a strong pass in English and maths (grade 5 or above): 67%
• Percentage achieving a standard pass in English and maths (grade 4 or above): 84%
• Percentage entering the English Baccalaureate: 40.5%
• Percentage achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in the English Baccalaureate: 31%
• Percentage achieving a standard pass (grade 4 or above) in the English Baccalaureate: 33%
• Pupil destinations – (percentage of pupils staying in education or going into employment) 97%


• The progress George Abbot students have made compared with students across the country +0.06
• The average grade that students achieve at KS5 – C+
• The average grade for a student’s best 3 A-levels is B-
• For those students not achieving a C grade at GCSE in Maths and English, progress is as follows: English GCSE is +1.0 and Maths GCSE is +0.29.
• Retention (this is the proportion of students who get to the end of the main programme of study that they enrolled on at George Abbot) – Academic and A-level retention 97.4% Applied General retention 94.6%
• Destinations (this is the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study) 91%


For further information on examinations at George Abbot, including timetables, please visit our dedicated Exams page.

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